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Art news 2020

    Some digital art news about my online artworks made for International art collectives and personal projects I have. Feel free to check my different portfolio artwork projects or on my social networks.

    Digital art news, Firmware 3D artwork Maxime des Touches elreviae

    Firmware project

    Artwork created for the latest Aurora art collective exhibition VI : Blue.
    Official web site www.projectaurora.art
    Featured project on Behance.

    Maxime des Touches elreviae

    Aurora VII: Blue

    Latest online exhibition from the Project Aurora art collective on the Behance team project.
    Official web site www.projectaurora.art

    Digital art news,, Arachnida wallpaper Desktopography 2020. Maxime des Touches elreviae

    Desktopography 2020

    High definition wallpaper created for the Desktopography art collective.
    Featured artwork on the Desktopography 2020 release and Behance.