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CovidData Dashboard (Covid-19)

Covid-19 tracker dashboard personal web application about the Coronavirus pandemic. I started to create this Covid-19 dashboard tracker at the beginning of the pandemic in France during the month of february 2020.

This covid dashboard let you display easily and quickly the global main informations around the world, per country, regions and counties with interactive maps and data tables.

Online Dashboard

Microsoft Visual Studio Code / HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript / JQuery / Different JS Librairies (maps, tables, charts)

Home page CovidData Dashboard

Home page global Covid-19

World maps page Active & Critical cases CovidData Dashboard

Data active world maps

World maps page global cases CovidData Dashboard

Data World maps

Data charts page CovidData Dashboard

Data charts

Data France page CovidData Dashboard

Data France Covid-19 Dashboard Tracker

News page CovidData Dashboard

News Covid Covid-19 Dashboard Tracker

About page CovidData Dashboard

About sestion Covid-19 Dashboard Tracker

Tablet & Mobile view CovidData Dashboard

Tablet and mobile view Covid-19 Dashboard Tracker
Mobile View Covid-19 Dashboard Tracker