NeoTerya project 2011-2015


2011 – 2015
NeoTerya is a personal science fiction project started in 2011 with a total of four chapters. The goal was to create some weird and odd 3D detailed structures through different stages. Those pieces were mainly inspired by science fiction movies, TV shows or mangas.

3ds Max / Nvidia Mental Ray / Photoshop

NeoTerya : Dissolution

NeoTerya Dissolution 3D artwork

NeoTerya : Before the ruins

deviantArt Award Daily Deviation

NeoTerya Before the ruins 3D artwork

NeoTerya : The last gate

NeoTerya The last gate 3D artwork

NeoTerya : Proto-City

deviantArt Award Daily Deviation

NeoTerya Proto-City 3D artwork